Rock Star status achieved…

When Tracy Redangel passed me this Rockstar pose. I ran around all over the place trying to decide where to use it. Silly me. I only needed to come out the front door and just meet those adoring fans.

To be fair there was only two outside and one shouted at me  I will not buy ANY more marshmallows from you! You are ON YOUR OWN!!!

I didn’t realise I had been selling those bad boys but hey face bothered?

I do laugh when I visit sims to take photos. There is always one isn’t there? We all come across that person, the one that IM’s you something really appropriate, not. Sadly I cannot repeat it in this blog but it makes me chuckle if anything. All I can say, men in diapers? HA HA HA HA

I love  everything about this outfit today. The dress actually comes with the earrings and strappy heels that match which I apologise you cant see in the picture, however scroll down and you will get a peek. The eyes are a great hud for CATWA eyes and just gives you so much more in looks. That wee tattoos on my neck and lips , totally enough to give that rock chick look on a subtle scale.R

The sound of a wannabe is  Can you

Credits :-

Millie dress with heels and earrings from AdoreZ available right now at the Hashtag Event

XOXO lips tattoo from **Yeux** available right now at the Hashtag Event

Entrancing eyes for the CATWA eyes  from Dulce Secrets available right now at the Designer Showcase

Balance neck tattoo from Gee available at the Hashtag Event

Rockstar pose from GingerFish Poses

Simple life nail polish from Entice right now at Designer Showcase

Steking ears from [MANDALA]

Gaea is the January VIP group  gift from Truth

Catya bento mesh head and Animated eyes from CATWA

Angel face and body shape for the Catya head only from LizBitz

Christy dark skin from Lara Hurley

Bento hands from Vista Animations




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