Saturday night

I feel like singing that song Saturday Night by Whigfield. But I will spare you this voice moment because frankly, you ever heard the cats in the garden? That’s me. Im singing this right now in RL and my son just walked past shaking his head. I don’t think it was a nodding in a [...]

I just want to dance

One of the main past times for me in SL has always been dancing. Seriously who doesn't love watching their pixel person bust a move? However these days I dance alone because I'm always on the move and I'm one of those people who makes decisions as quick as it takes to press enter on [...]

What’s that teacher?

I couldnt wait till later to do this blog as it connects to my previous blog today and so what the hell. Yessss I know, I'm supposed to be resting my arm. But frankly I cant right now as I'm a restless soul at the best of times. And for some RL and SL  reasons [...]

A poets note of an ASMR request

This is something I was asked to do a little while ago via my You Tube channel. I had to think about how I could incorporate it into SL and into my own  style. Because lets face it we all have our own styles in our blogging and machinima. I also wanted to use dance [...]

Read a romance novel and cry

Some days I just wonder if the universe has its head screwed on right. I'm sure it doesn't. It's a difficult thing when you realise that your heart is a lot more fragile than you first thought. On the whole those that do know me, know I avoid SL relationships like the plague. It was [...]

Looking back

I'm on the bus headed to that place called the work place. The fact that it definitely is Friday is quite nice to know. I still have a cold but soldiering in like a matyr because like I said yesterday, if I can tap in a phone and update internet social media, then I can [...]

Soothing days…

Given a choice today, this is where I would like to be in the real world. Sadly as I stare out the window its one of those days we call pyjama days as frankly its not inviting to go out. So today in my world its officially Pyjama Day!! Also a day I will spend [...]

Sunshine to my heart

I just this second realised tomorrow is the 25th. Last day of this round of the Hashtag event!! Lordy you will have to put this in your diaries as I haven't event shown you half of what there is. Today I decided I will do two blogs and maybe the same tomorrow as I really [...]

I want this in RL

I'm on the bus as always, however running late for work. I'm usually there by now, but for some reason the alarm decided in its own foolish way not to go off and let me sleep! We will be having words later and I've decided such mindfulness I will have to replace him. His fate [...]