Ready for action

This is me today. Ready for action! I have a lot on my plate today and I'm not referring to my dinner. I speak often about the role of a union rep and the added work that involves. Today is no exception. Quite a few meetings and some problem solving to do. The thing is [...]

The Royal wedding the prelude

The big day has finally arrived! Harriet is reporting as the Royals prepare for the ceremony in only a few hours. Join Harriet this day in celebrating the nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Episode one begins with his footage live from where it's all happening ... Video:- Credits:- Mia Gown at the [...]

The beach life

Swimsuits at the ready? No me neither. Not in reality anyhow. In reality though I'm actually feeling pretty annoyed with myself that I'm not ready to be seen in a swim suit and frankly don't like me myself right now. For many of us on this planet it's a constant struggle to meet the image [...]

Rather the desert highway

I've seen the news this morning. That's enough for me thank you very much. It's all rather doom and gloom, conspiracies, alcoholism, Russian intrigue, conspiracy theories etc etc. Each day I wake up and wonder what's next. There is actually no need to watch a film when in actual fact what we have on our [...]

Coffee in the sun

The sun only shone in pretend land because we had more snow and icy conditions in the real world. I know, this time around I wasn't as excited about it as I was 2 weeks ago. So as I'm standing here at this bus stop I am wishing for spring to arrive. My fingers are [...]

Protest – Boo to YOU TUBE

Today good old You Tube takes away the Partner programme for many of the little channels. Myself being one of them. In many ways this has been an interesting 4 weeks since the announcement and made me look at other channels and my own as to quality etc. Look at some of the ridiculous behaviours [...]

Bore you to sleep ASMR apparently. Nah it’s just coffee

I have a day off today. It's damn well raining! Anyhow Coffee with Isa on the cards as always. Though depending on You Tubes changes. I'm not sure precisely what I will and will not still have after tomorrow they may in future be limited in length. Thank Christ I hear many of you say. [...]