Running to get to work?

Definitely not! Overnight it has snowed nicely and more is forecast this morning and I'm not running to work at all. It's only just 6 am here in South East England and I'm contemplating wishing the gods to send more down so I can have a snow day. If not I'll have to make the [...]

Ittty bitty isn’t it

Need I say more! Itty bitty ha ha Clearly a non You Tube moment because well... It's Saturday and man I'm glad it is. This week has been the week from hell and beyond. The usual clique culture that makes you question why people behave in this gang type of culture. I came into work [...]


I had this dress to throw on today from Barely Legal Couture  and I fancied something different so changed my head. Well for todays post anyhow. Honestly don't you wish in the real world you could do this? Of course a change of head means I need to wear new skin and makeup and oh the [...]

What a beautiful day

Well it is in my pretend place. However the reality as I sit here on this bus, is that man it's cold!! Back to work today as Mason will be going  home with his mom, dad and grandad later today once the surgeon gives the all clear. How amazing is that! I say it all [...]


It's Monday again! Why do the days feel like they disappear so fast? Last night I went to bed later than I had planned. I had turned on Netflix and decided to start watching a series called The Client List. 6 episodes later I thought I had better get to bed.  I admit I was [...]

Rock Star status achieved…

When Tracy Redangel passed me this Rockstar pose. I ran around all over the place trying to decide where to use it. Silly me. I only needed to come out the front door and just meet those adoring fans. To be fair there was only two outside and one shouted at me  I will not [...]

Maybe read instead?

It's Saturday and I'm wondering whether to stay in bed that little bit longer, or just get up. I think my bed wins and a good book. So I bid you a happy Saturday . I explain today's outfit in the video. Video Credits :- Raissa tunic by [WellMade] available at the Designer Showcase Fabiola [...]

Another bottle?

I actually don't drink. It's a rare moment that I do. When I was younger that was a different story. I was that girl on a Friday and Saturday night, glass in hand. I know back then it was a confidence thing more than any other reason. To be honest alcohol tastes bloody awful compared [...]

How big?

I'm on the bus in RL heading to work. It's cold and my fingers feel like little icicle sticks that may just snap as I tap this into my iphone. Yesterday I visited the dentist for part 1 of a crown fitting for a back tooth I broke last year when I bit down on [...]

Hey there

Not that I'm counting, but it's another four days after today (I guess that's five) that Santa will float down my chimney with a great big surprise. Ok so yes I know he isn't real. But a girl can still dream. I dream of a lot of things but reality has to rear its head [...]