In the bedroom

Here’s a mantra we all know. For what we do when we’re tucked in tight, Shouldn’t leave the room, you know!

It’s where we snore and drool and dream, And sometimes kick our feet, Where we steal the covers from our mate, And leave them feeling beat.

It’s where we can let out a fart or two, And blame it on the dog, Where we binge on snacks and Netflix shows, And act like a lazy sloth.

But we must remember the golden rule, To keep our secrets safe, For what happens in bed stays in bed, And won’t be shared in haste.

So next time you climb under the sheets, And get cozy for the night, Remember what they say about bed, And keep your actions out of sight!



Aveena bed from Chez Moi at the EQUAL10 Event for April

Further information around the bed can be found here

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