Through the Moushole

I’m snuggled up on my sofa at the moment covered with my blanket. Tired for no good reason and in one of those frames of mind of feeling very antisocial and not liking people.

I often have days like it and usually there is a root cause but lately there isn’t one I can pinpoint and so I put it down to aging. I guess that’s just part of the whole up and down of depression. Not that I accept that definition of how I feel.

I don’t accept it ever and I just go though it. I simply don’t like words that are used to cover a set of feelings I’m having and how my body is behaving. I’m not prepared to accept any man made definition of how I feel and how I should feel.

After all only I know how I feel.

I mean seriously I can blame Fibro, diabetes, aging, medication. A number of things. All of those things also link to the mindset and for that I’m always mindful of definition terms.

I’m rambling to be honest which is another thing I do when like this. Rambling with no sense. But then who said I need to make sense?

Below is a video I made about a destination called Mousehole. I am not crediting my outfit etc as frankly does it really matter? I’m more interested in showcasing a rather pleasant place to visit.

Go on……try it!



You can go visit Mousehole right here

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