Hippy not happy times

I decided to use the Fake smile on this post picture.

It started as something I wanted to do just for the heck of it and kind of an amusement thing to myself. But now it’s more expressive at how fake I feel smiling. I really have not smiled today. My mind has been very distracted and I feel a sense of panic.

I cannot really tell you why either because this isn’t about me. I can just express vaguely.

I follow a few people in Ukraine who I’ve shared concerns to safety for them. One has been missing from posting and of course many people are concerned. I express my concerns often.

Long story short this person reached out to me privately last night and let me know they’re alive but under Russian control.

We have moved messaging away from twitter and currently I’ve been trying to find organisations etc that go into territories occupied under humanitarian aid. A few moments ago I found some and have sent links which gave alternative contact measures.

That’s about all I can do as I am literally nobody. I said I’d check each day they are ok.

Im sure I’m not the only person having such contacts with pure strangers and trying to give them support, I won’t be the last.

But I feel so helpless and I hate this.

Below is a link I’ve found. So if you know anyone in this situation, privately pass them this.

Vostok SOS

I’d also suggest a screen shot of a map Ukraine red spot areas as they likely don’t know where they’re to go that may be deemed unoccupied.

So in this instance I downloaded a map picture from Here and sent that. It’s got to help?

On another note it’s raining and I’m eating porridge for dinner as that’s how I’m rolling today.


Gathered Front cami top from Coco

Wide leg pants Coco

No Between hair from no match

Madison Piercing from Secrets

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Eline skin in beige  AMARA

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Shot on location as Missing Melody

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