Aunty Va Gina’s New Year

1st day of the new year started with me doing a video of Aunty Va Gina. God I love being that character. There is something liberating about not buying into being the typical aesthetically pleasing type of Instagram woman that most want to be. Especially within Second Life.

I was once accused of fat shaming which seriously seemed bizarre to me. As a real life buxom big gal that just feels rather ridiculous. And frankly what is wrong with being a buxom woman happy in her own skin?

In fact I often sit here and wish I was as confident as she is. But that is where my character evolves from me. She is the person I so wish I could be. Unashamedly comfortable in my own skin. Able to walk along the beach in a bikini and do it with a total oozing of sass.

This year I plan to develop her more. So watch this space.



Dances are the Luisa Kinky dances from MOVE Animations Cologne Theyre sassy and sexy and for Aunty Va Gina just her style.

Watch out for her new recording career coming up!!!

Bikini from Piggu

Avatar from Piggu

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