Get that Booty Groove

So its New Years Eve and the perfect night for a dance. I decided to wear the Khalene body as actually booty dances look good on her. You may agree.

Im not going to ramble in this blog because frankly the video speaks loudly for itself. Another perfect set of dances from Paragon Dance Animations.

Keep wathing the space on Paragon Dance Animations as there are some truly exciting things coming up in the new Year.

See you on the Flip Side and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!


Dance Credits:-

Featuring the Jasmine Body and Booty groove from Paragon Dance Animations at the Uber Event

Product Description

This is an R&B inspired body isolation groove fused with twerk to create a unique sexy body & bootie dance style. Performance captured by Jasmine Shannon.

Originally danced to “Dive” by Lexy Panterra (ft. Naji)
Tempo = 125.0 BPM

About Jasmine Shannon

  • Former NBA Portland Trailerblazers dancer
  • Twerk Instructor for West Coast Queen of Twerk & recording artist Lexy Panterra.
  • Dancer in Angel – Blessings Remix (Official Video) ft. French Montana, Davido


Aldara body suit from Scandalize

Tinker leg warmers and sneakers from Blueberry

Anya bento mesh body with head from Kalhene

Elena hair from eXxEsS

Anya BOM body and head (includes skin) from Kalhene

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2 thoughts on “Get that Booty Groove

  1. I’m a Kalhene girl now, too. Good to know we have fine asses for dancing. Tell me is it true, the Kalhene body is compatible to famous Matreya Lara? I’d like to know what clothes might fit me.


    1. It is compatible but always try the demos as some things are a little looser . This body is so lovely and I’ll likely always use for dance videos where I can as to me she looks like she gives a great shake. Reminds me a lot of JLo physique
      Happy New year btw 🥳


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