Anya and EQUAL10

I’m having a quick review of the Kalhene Anya Bakes on Mesh avatar.

When I say quick, you better believe there’s no waffling on my part.

To be honest, this avatar is so easy to use that all that faffing we do with heads and bodies seems so complicated in comparison. However for ease of those who perhaps don’t know I’ve included one of my first videos for Kalhene here in order to reference.

There are things I have been asked to review and I never profess to be an expert.

Like anyone else out there, often I am bumbling my way along the mesh corridors of Second Life, looking for the book “Mesh for Dummies”.

Sadly I still have not found it. When I have and I feel informed enough, perhaps I’ll take the reviewers plunge.

In the meantime you can make go with my wee efforts now and then and give them a bit of oooo aaa if you can do that I don’t feel so daft.




Trisha outfit from Kaithleens (I am wearing the Maitreya fit ) at the EQUAL10 Event

Iris poses from Sweet Heart at the EQUAL10 Sept/Oct

Anya bento BOM mesh body with head from Kalhene

Verity Eyeshadow from A R T E

Blue gem eyes from A R T E

Hibiscus lipstick from Cazimi

Skin is in the Anya pack and Im wearing the Sunkissed

Shape is in the Anya pack and is shape A

Charisma hair from Truth

2 thoughts on “Anya and EQUAL10

  1. Looking at your video, I’ve realized that the lips on the Kalhene heads are fuller, which would explain why my avatar’s lips look so huge when I wear that head. So, it’s not just my super-custom shape breaking things. 😛


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