Aunty Vag gives some advice

Aunty had an email glitch and never saw her emails until yesterday.

There sat an email that had been sitting for months!

Stupid iPhones. They don’t bring down the email when they should.

Being a work ethic advisor she jumped on the camera to answer that message. Anonymous better late than never. The advice says loudly and clearly hydrate and plug it in!!!



Kaulaw Wooden Hammock from MLaw Designs

Miss Piggu Jon Tshirt

Harley hair from Truth

Leggins part of the clothes pack for the avatar Piggu June 2


2 thoughts on “Aunty Vag gives some advice

  1. Advice for Auntie Vaggie: NEVER, NEVER EVER SHALL YOU LET A CELLPHONE DO A COMPUTER’S JOB! Results will always be shitty. 🙁

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