The Saturday Blues

Saturday blues.

I haven’t got them but I know a few of my friends are currently struggling at the moment.

I’ve managed to do all sorts of housey things in the real world. Even changed the bedding and stroked the cats.

Made incredibly ridiculous videos about self isolation for my friends and basically just a normal day for me.

I’m used to being alone and occupying myself.

Boredom has never really been a word I’ve used.

Though it may come to my vocabulary on days of work because we are restricting what our roles are doing and not calling people.

That I may struggle with, as despite my loner ways, I love talking.

It’s part of my psyche and keeps me motivated and part of life.

Time will tell.

In the meantime I’ve been compiling a few videos and will see how I narrate these given I have not done that in front of the housemate as yet.

This could be interesting!!!

In the meanwhile our virtual worlds are actually getting more traffic as we spend more time participating within them.

So if you are going to decorate your garden with something for you and your loved one why not trying out the zeros Hiding place.

It has some lovely couple animations within it.

Currently $60L on the MP!


Eros hiding from place from .:M.LAW:.




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