My quiet place

When I seek peace and quiet, I like to sit on my balcony and absorb the sunshine with the glistening water of the lake in front and the sounds of the ducks and geese.

It’s as close as I get to this image which reminds me of my home in Australia. A place that I miss each and every single day.

I’ve lived a few places in my life.

South Africa, what was once Rhodesia, Swaziland, New Zealand, Australia and now the United Kingdom.

I will always call Australia home. I am Australian.

I am the the person who says g’day when I walk past someone on the street, starts a conversation with someone as we looking at the same bananas and yes walks outside with bare feet. I wear shorts in the winter and my windows are always open.

I love a good meat pie with tomato sauce and a spoon and eating the insides out first before the crust. I love my banana bread toasted for breakfast and a mango for a snack.

Thongs are flip flops to me and a shag on a rock is not a bird, it’s literally a shag on a rock.

To me the word root is for a shag.

This is my quiet place. Here I will spend my day.

Happy Sunday everyone. No dance video? Well there will be but I’ve saved that weekend slot for something else which will all become clear hopefully later today.

In the meantime I will say this gacha from Raindale I love. Because of all of the above.


Sandwood Gacha from Raindale now at the Arcade

There are:-

10 commons and rare beach cabin

Loungers, pier, pier ladder, Rubber rings, swing and torches.

The cabin has land impact of 40 (in default size) and footprint is about 20×10
Raindale - Sandwood gacha key (1024)

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    1. For once I was even ok with myself lol
      Usually I’m iffy about decor stuff as it’s not my forte and I’m a bit of minimal usually . This set is really lovely.

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