My quiet place

My  quiet place

When I seek peace and quiet, I like to sit on my balcony and absorb the sunshine with the glistening water of the lake in front and the sounds of the ducks and geese.

It’s as close as I get to this image which reminds me of my home in Australia. A place that I miss each and every single day.

I’ve lived a few places in my life.

South Africa, what was once Rhodesia, Swaziland, New Zealand, Australia and now the United Kingdom.

I will always call Australia home. I am Australian.

I am the the person who says g’day when I walk past someone on the street, starts a conversation with someone as we looking at the same bananas and yes walks outside with bare feet. I wear shorts in the winter and my windows are always open.

I love a good meat pie with tomato sauce and a spoon and eating the insides out first before the crust. I love my banana bread toasted for breakfast and a mango for a snack.

Thongs are flip flops to me and a shag on a rock is not a bird, it’s literally a shag on a rock.

To me the word root is for a shag.

This is my quiet place. Here I will spend my day.

Happy Sunday everyone. No dance video? Well there will be but I’ve saved that weekend slot for something else which will all become clear hopefully later today.

In the meantime I will say this gacha from Raindale I love. Because of all of the above.


Sandwood Gacha from Raindale now at the Arcade

There are:-

10 commons and rare beach cabin

Loungers, pier, pier ladder, Rubber rings, swing and torches.

The cabin has land impact of 40 (in default size) and footprint is about 20×10
Raindale - Sandwood gacha key (1024)

The manor born

The manor born

Again as always my photo cannot do the build justice. I’m not a great décor photographer, but I do try. Try and try.

However the video will give you more depth of the build and what it has inside and outside. What can I say?

To the Manor born!



Alderley Manor from Raindale is in the August Builders Box

The manor can be purchased only as part of Builder’s Box with 7 more buildings from amazing creators included in this months box.

There are two versions in the box. One without lights at 107 land impact and one with lights.

During filming you also see the Windridge Gazebo from Raindale at the Swank Event 

There are 4 versions of Windridge gazebo included (simple – 11Li, with lights – 13Li, with snow – 13Li, with lights and snow – 16Li)

A little decor

A little decor

Yeah I know right! Decor and me!

I’m still not quite master of a beautiful scene because I’m so not a throw out the Knick back person

I think there are some folk born to blog decor and then there is me.

I’m best lounging over said items posing but I decided this picture could exclude me, the video of course I had to jump in.

Today I’m standing at a bus stop and still waiting for the bus. Seems they have decided to take a detour and swerve way past this old bus stop.

Oh the day is already unfolding.

Have a lovely Thursday everyone while I stomp a bit.


Credits :-

Lovington Gacha which has 8 commons and 1 rare from Raindale and available at The Liaison Collaborative till the 28th February.

Rare –  Lovington skybox

8 Commons – Fireplace portal, Wall sign & Wall frames, Chanelier, Wall sconces, Tabouret, Coffee table, Table lamp, rug and pillows (with poses in)

Raindale logo

The Bakery

The Bakery

Firstly thank you to all the folk who watched Coffee with Isa yesterday and reached out.

And now for something light hearted and SL

So the Builders Box is producing some gorgeous virtual homes for us.

I have to say I’m always truly amazed at what can be created in the virtual world.

Today I am showing you the gorgeous estate home by Raindale called The Bakery.

You can have a small business and home rolled into one.

I’ve left a link in the credits so you can go check out this house and all its rooms.

On top of that I’m also showing you The Lammon outdoor blanket. Frankly perfect just outside under a tree for relaxing autumnal days before the frost sets in.

Have a great day peoples.


Credits :-

The Bakery by Raindale  is in  the November  edition of the Builders Box.

An erect version for you to check out can be found at Builders Box Christmas Village
This is a Christmas edition with “Winter Wonderland” theme!
All buildings can be previewed at Christmas Village

The Lammon outdoor blanket set from Raindale can be found at The Avenue

Grasses and trees courtesy of Hayabusa Design and Little Branch