Surfs up?

Ok so yesterday was like everyone suddenly decided to bare their bits and let it all hang out. Generally its fine on the beach but when I went to the local shop I walked into the Twilight zone. Some of the most glaring sights I have seen. I'm still  needing to sit down with the [...]

I can rave in Sansar

I can rave in Sansar. Well kind of. But its certainly a start. I visited this sim called The beach and what can I say. Its lovely for pretends Ville. Practiced my slick dance moves of one animation and came up with a dance video. Of sorts anyhow. As time moves on I can see [...]

Coffee in the sun

The sun only shone in pretend land because we had more snow and icy conditions in the real world. I know, this time around I wasn't as excited about it as I was 2 weeks ago. So as I'm standing here at this bus stop I am wishing for spring to arrive. My fingers are [...]