Snow homes

Snow homes

Ok if I really could have a home in reality like this I would.

Do you think Keira Raindale could possibly build me one and box it so I can Rez it here in reality ready for the snow?

Ok I’m hearing the sounds of “Liz get a grip”.

But what if?

Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.



Northsong Gacha from Raindale at the Arcade

The rare is the Northosng Cabin

Bath Tub, Bed, Cup of Coffee, Drapes, Hanging bed and poles with lights are all in the Gacha.

Full gacha contents here

Fairhost planter lanterns from Raindale until January 19th at the Green Mire 2019

Shot on location at my winter platform


The bitter sweet taste of eternity

The bitter sweet taste of eternity

She walks the winding cobbled pavements searching for her soul.

The life she once knew gone and traded for eternal life.

Loneliness and a child who will stay eternally dependant upon her.

For you see beauty is not in the skin, not what you can see, it exists within.

She traded with the immortal and received her life long death sentence.

In return, the price was not worth it.

She was an island in the middle of the dark wide ocean.


Lilya Roya red gown from Sascha’s Designs

Vampire baby is a gacha  from Black Bantam at the Gacha Arcade

Static Wings from ML Fashion

Doll V2 applier for skin and face from [Pink Fuel]

Andra eye makeup from Zibska

Erika hair from D!VA

Eyes  from CATWA

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Hot drinks and pumpkin pies

Hot drinks and pumpkin pies

Autumn I would say has officially landed!

All the warm browns and oranges are starting to slowly appear both in reality and in Second Life. Apparently Halloween is fast approaching too.

Time to get out all the pumpkin pies and warm drinks in readiness for the last few evenings where it’s chilly but not like the Antarctic outside.

Although I do love an Antarctic blast. I make no secret of that. I cannot wait for snow!

Winter excites me because I grew up in sunshine constantly . Chilly was a cardigan. Chilly by my old standards was around 18-19 degrees Celsius. So the -2 is still a novelty to me.

Wooly coats and boots with matching scarves and gloves, my guilty pleasures. The white stuff? Sublime.

Ye gods I can hear you all erupt at the same time.

Humour me. I can make do with virtual white stuff if I have to. But just one time let me experience a proper heavy snowfall at Christmas. Just once?

Now for what sparked my thoughts today…..



Dawnwood Gacha from Raindale is now at the Lootbox

Gacha items include :-

Dawnwood square table
Dawnwood chair
Dawnwood wagon [rare]
Dawnwood chalk sign
Dawnwood table
Dawnwood chocolate dipped apples  
Dawnwood pumpkin dish
Dawnwood bag of apples
Dawnwood barrel
Dawnwood barrel with tap
Dawnwood paper cups (3)
Dawnwood paper cup
Dawnwood pot


My quiet place

My  quiet place

When I seek peace and quiet, I like to sit on my balcony and absorb the sunshine with the glistening water of the lake in front and the sounds of the ducks and geese.

It’s as close as I get to this image which reminds me of my home in Australia. A place that I miss each and every single day.

I’ve lived a few places in my life.

South Africa, what was once Rhodesia, Swaziland, New Zealand, Australia and now the United Kingdom.

I will always call Australia home. I am Australian.

I am the the person who says g’day when I walk past someone on the street, starts a conversation with someone as we looking at the same bananas and yes walks outside with bare feet. I wear shorts in the winter and my windows are always open.

I love a good meat pie with tomato sauce and a spoon and eating the insides out first before the crust. I love my banana bread toasted for breakfast and a mango for a snack.

Thongs are flip flops to me and a shag on a rock is not a bird, it’s literally a shag on a rock.

To me the word root is for a shag.

This is my quiet place. Here I will spend my day.

Happy Sunday everyone. No dance video? Well there will be but I’ve saved that weekend slot for something else which will all become clear hopefully later today.

In the meantime I will say this gacha from Raindale I love. Because of all of the above.


Sandwood Gacha from Raindale now at the Arcade

There are:-

10 commons and rare beach cabin

Loungers, pier, pier ladder, Rubber rings, swing and torches.

The cabin has land impact of 40 (in default size) and footprint is about 20×10
Raindale - Sandwood gacha key (1024)

I’m leaving

I’m leaving

I am jetting off to Toulouse France for 5 days. I leave Thursday at 11.30 am to make my way to the airport and excitement abounds.

I am going to attend the wedding of Khali and Nicowsan who met in Second Life nearly 9 years ago. (That’s their in world first names). The Aussie and the French dude.

Princess and the Frog as they lovingly call each other.

They are finally getting married on Saturday the 9th of March and I’m incredibly happy for them.

So I have pre prepared some blogs because I’m a machine like that, but the dance video for Saturday may not be able to be finished till I return next week.

Harriet has been left to video blog. Let’s see how she did.



Cindy jumpsuit from I.M. Collection at the Designer Showcase

Soft matte lipstick  from A R T E

Night out eyeshadow from A R T E

Meadowbloom Gacha  from Raindale at the Arcade

There are 15 commons and 1 rare which is the Cottage

The Auribonne shed from Raindale at the Liaison Collaborative

Kimberley bento head from CATWA

Evie shape for the CATWA Kimberley head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Edie  skin  in tone 3  from Amara

The Raindale


Winter living

Winter living

I love snow and winter even more than I love summer at times.

There’s something so intrinsically beautiful about snow and how it changes the landscape. That’s before anyone walks on it and turns it to mush.

The landscape becomes perfect and I could sit and simply stare at it for hours.

I’ve turned my virtual landscape to snow and ice for the winter and this cottage looked so ideal with its snow cap roof.

I didn’t decorate it as such but then I always have a preference to see the space.

Now the video tour….



Coldbrook gacha by Raindale at the Arcade Event

The rare is the gorgeous cottage

Commons are the blanket, poufs, candle, firewood rack, ladder with lights, and floor pillows.

Norville hanging chair  from Raindale

Console table and frames from Raindale at the Sense Event till the 8th December

Shot on location in my back garden

A little house called Gracewoods

A little house called Gracewoods

I thought today I would be less controversial. I’ll save that for tomorrow.

I wanted to show you this really cute little Gacha from Raindale.

It’s a diddly little tea house with furniture and as soon as I get my land on Friday, this is going in the forest.



Gracewoods Gacha from Raindale  is now at the Whimsical Event
There are 8 common and 1 rare prizes to be won

Rare teahouse has land impact of 11 and footprint 6×6

Common prizes are:

1. Sofa – 8Li, 20 solo and 8 couples animations
2,3. Armchairs – 4Li, 20 solo sit animations in each
4. Coffee table – 1Li
5. Rug – 1Li
6. Console table – 2Li
7. Candle-holder – 1Li, flame on/off on touch
8. Deco plates – 1Li

The paddock is from Two Moon Gardens

Little bit of Gacha

I do find I’m loving a Gacha lately.

It’s like playing a game of monopoly , you roll the dice and never quite know what you will get.

Always a great surprise. Although going to jail is never a great move. Lucky you don’t have that in a Gacha!

Raindale has the Whorouly Gacha at the Liaison collaborative. My photo certainly does not do it justice at all.

I’d recommend hopping along and checking it out as judging from my photo skills, you will never get a true picture otherwise.


Whorouly gacha items from Raindale at the Liaison Collaborative

1. Hanging chair with lights – 6Li, 15 sit animations
2. Hanging chair (dark) – 5Li, 15 sit animations
3. Table – 1Li
4. Hanging chair (lighter) – 5Li, 15 sit animations
5,6 – stools (light and dark) – 1Li each, 10 poses and 10 animations
7. Clock – 2Li
8. Carpet – 3Li
9. Rug – 3Li

Shot on location at Luanes World