The COCO Doll

The last few days I decided I would play around with my Coco dolls and get a photo.

I’ve taken a break this weekend from representing the stores I blog with and just having a chilled creative moment.

My new characters for the new 2019 videos appeared in my most recent Harriet/dance video. Strangely enough Move Animations has released a Sophie KAWAII series of loop movements which the below video was inspired from. Which coincided with my bringing this idea to fruition.

What I didn’t know is the COCO doll store is no longer. There is only the outlet store left and so the video series if I do go with it will be with the coco dolls never changing outfits again.

The COCO doll avatar is one of the most adorable avatars I have ever seen in Second Life.

So I am hoping to come across someone who knows of any stores who did clothing for the COCO doll.

Now back to my Sunday. Brunch and trashy films.



Coco Doll avatars from *Coco*

Walk with me pose from Luanes World

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