The Easy Life

I’ve just raised my head above my pillow and feel a little shattered.

Last night I was asked to film an event and was a little nervous about doing so because I don’t as a rule film for people directly.

When people offer you payment for a service it can take away your creativity in many ways because you are doing so to their specifications not your own. Hence why it’s never been a thing for me to do.

Last night the event catered for nigh on 100 avatars (I’m not sure how many turned up). Suffice to say there were far more than I have ever experienced in my virtual life existence. Far more.

Think of the shopping events you attend and the walk is like treacle, now double that experience. I had to crash out 4-5 times and in my last crash my computer completely reset my graphics card.

2.5 hours later I had to leave early before my beautiful computer died a graphic card death.

Moral of the story , our virtual existence is a graphic card away in life span. A few lindens is not worth the loss.

I have great respect for videographers who film weddings, events etc where there is a high avatar count. The real effects it has on their pc’s cannot be overlooked. Hence now I understand the cost behind the service.

Now for my Sunday dance video and this illuminated outfit!



Animated mesh body suit and neck corset from PixelPulseStudios at the Spotlight Event

Cyberpunk mask from GUTCHI

Sky high boots from Graves

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Christy dark skin Lara Hurley

Featuring the Jana Vol3  Bento and Yasmin Vol3 Bento dances from MOVE! Animations

Shot on location at Backdrop City and Cocoon

2 thoughts on “The Easy Life

  1. Well done for trying at least, Isa! I’m lucky if I can rez at Events like those, let alone have the sim rez in any shape or form when there are masses of folks about. You bring up an interesting point about payment killing creativity. I’ve thought about that before when i have a lot of sponsor products to somehow blog before a certain date. The only way I get over that is by keeping to my whimsical natural style in some shape or form. But still… good points made.

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    1. I did this as a favour for a friend who couldn’t take the job on due to other commitments. I haven’t even looked at editing it yet as I’m too scared to see lol
      I’m waiting on the music still before I can because I tend to edit listening to the background track.
      I set up a separate you tube channel for it because I don’t want weddings, parties and barmitzvahs to encroach on my channel as it is
      My god though it’s the hardest time ask going and I take my hair off to the people who do this all the time fighting lag and then produce amazing videos.
      I don’t tend to really stick to rules or deadlines too much. I think some are knowing that lol
      I mean I do my best, but the day blogging feels like a job then I’d have to stop. After all it’s an unpaid job. 😊


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