The Easy Life

I've just raised my head above my pillow and feel a little shattered. Last night I was asked to film an event and was a little nervous about doing so because I don't as a rule film for people directly. When people offer you payment for a service it can take away your creativity in [...]

They got to come down!!!

So in the last few days after deciding I was going to do a Strawberry Singh challenge I did a google search on myself. Seems I'm on a lot of search pages. Good old google knows the name Isabelle Cheren. Most things I clicked into redirected back to me. However! There was one site that [...]

My scary valentine

Can you believe it, only a few days till the V DAY. Anyone who knows me will know its not big on my list of the to do stuff. I have always figured if I love someone and them vice versa, the love would flow no matter of a particular day. That said though, I [...]

Coffee with Isa

It's Monday again. Funnily I don't have that much to prattle on about in today's video. I know....shocking! So it's a little shorter than it could have been. Happy Monday's Video:- Credits:- Baby outfit from Enigma at the Spotlight Event Both the skirt and sweater have a hud Winterleen bench from Raindale at the Avenue Event [...]

Finding your inner zen and peace

Finding your inner peace? Yeah you read that correctly. I have decided to get all meditation like and see if that's the path I want to explore. Admittedly this downward dog idea may be a bit of a challenge to me as not sure how the the heck I get back up again? I came [...]

VLOGMAS – Decorating the tree

Oh seriously I need to sort the Christmas tree!!! Credits:- Christmas hair from .:Lekilicious Store:. at the Spotlight Event Sweetness of Life pose from Luanes World now at the Tres Chic In my mind hair from Magika Give thanks piano from !! Follow US !! Catya bento head from CATWA Angel shape for the [...]


Someone wake me up from the slumber I feel. Actually I am awake but certainly not functioning on full capacity yet. It’s been 2 hours and I’m thinking soon I may wake up! All week I’ve been so asleep /awake and I’m starting to think that this must all be part of being asleep? It’s [...]