My difference

I’m mixing it up today and going brunette. After all I am really a brunette who has gone blonde in RL.

I haven’t much to say today as I’m multitasking and cooking up a real storm in the kitchen of a huge roast lamb leg and potatos. However its salad with it as frankly this apartment is feeling rather warm now and it is meant to be a warm day here in the UK.

So my plan is cook it all and then when all arrive we are going for a walk around the lakes and enjoy some sunshine before a nice late lunch.

Happy Sundays to you all and I hope wherever you are you are enjoying the sun  or rain and the time you have with loved ones.

Credits :-

Monique bento head from Altamura

Sophie body from Altamura

Ester eyeshadow and Luxe Lipstick  Alatamura

Quinn skin from Oceane Body DesignOceane Body Design

Aealla Mermaid Gown from Prism right now at the Designer Showcase

Cradled in love pose from Luanes World now at the Liaison Collaborative

Avery Elena hair VIP Truth gift

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