Chilled to the bone

Ive woken up today with a huge smile on my face because I’m free from work for 10 days. I’m going no where. No plans for a holiday, its just solely to recharge and potter around getting some things done at home and catching up with good friends and family. Starting tomorrow when I cook up a storm as I’m doing roast lamb for a houseful.

Now silly me never looked at the weather and apparently its  going to be the warmest day this year so far. So my roast lamb is going to be roast lamb and salad.

Still how excited am I that I have freedom. So of course with this freedom comes my ability to try and finish off the sim I just acquired, in between doing some blogs. I had to get a friend to help as otherwise honestly if you had seen my attempts to terraform you would have wet yourself laughing. The sim owners did when they had to repair my attempts at lowering.

Now this little outfit makes me feel very cheeky.


Credits :-

Sexy Bitch top from  at the Outrageous Event

Feet strap from .::OOPS::.

Catya bento head CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body  Maitreya

Misaki hair Argrace

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