How big?

I’m on the bus in RL heading to work.

It’s cold and my fingers feel like little icicle sticks that may just snap as I tap this into my iphone.

Yesterday I visited the dentist for part 1 of a crown fitting for a back tooth I broke last year when I bit down on something hard. (Get that smut out of your heads thee) 😂

Anyhow of course my first question is always “will it hurt?”. Statutory answer is “you will only feel a little prick”.

So with that I was a little more confident as I lay back in that chair.

Now, seriously dentists lie!! Yep they certainly do. Tre said to me last night “Liz, I thought you knew that”.

Yeah but, I believed the dentist.

Suffice to say as I sit on the bus headed to work I’m thinking “how big” was that wee lie.

Credits :-

Macy dress from Zanze available from the 5th at the Designer Showcase

Tessa hair from D!va

Catya Bento head and Animated eyes from CATWA

Angel face and body shape for the Catya bento head from LizBitz

Christy dark skin from Lara Hurley

Lara mesh body from Maitreya

Steking ears from MANDALA

Photo shot on location at Blithe

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