No Credits by me

I’m sat on my sofa staring at my array of medication feeling rather like a walking pharmacy. It’s Saturday night, sort the upcoming weeks medication. Yes I own those dossett boxes. Mainly because if I didn’t I tend to forget and then spend an age arguing with myself did I take them or not,

You know when I was 20, I never envisaged ever needing to take medication or feeling like my body was a train wreck waiting to be outed. Or that I would cry for no reason and burst into tears just because someone said hello.

Yet, here I am! A bit like this picture I wish some days I could bury the head and come out when the coast is clear. Though if that was possible, half the world would be walking around with cones on their heads while others walked by.

I haven’t bother to write credits today as buggar it, if you’re that interested ask me . It’s a head, a body and a tracksuit with a cone on the head. Simples.

To be fair I have done a number of photos which are on Flickr reserved as private for such days when I want to blog some words but it’s for no one in particular, I’ve bought the items and again I’m just feeling “buggar it”. But yes if you want to know just ask and I’ll let you know, just not today.

Today I had my booster covid vaccine. I think this is either my second or third. Hard to remember to be quite honest. I’m feeling sore on the arm and very heady.

I was debating whether I would as I get reactions every time but since covid first outed itself in 2019 in the U.K., I have only suffered from one two week bout of covid. The regular chest infections and colds I used to get I have not had. Last cold was around December , 2019 and I’ve had nothing since.

This in many ways leads me to believer either I’m being protected with the covid, flu and pneumonia vaccines or Im so isolated that chances are harder for me to get sick these days.

Anyhow I went and had the damn thing and now feel my arm doing it’s ache and I’m feeling a little spaced out and heady.

So if you want the deets send a message and maybe tomorrow I’ll log on and fetch them.

In the meantime I’m feeling sorry for myself and going to disappear into some film and imagine a different time and place.

Have a good weekend.

6 thoughts on “No Credits by me

  1. “I’m sat on my sofa staring at my array of medication feeling rather like a walking pharmacy.”
    Only medication hubby and me are taking are multivitamin pills for 50+ geezers. And only a third of the recommended dosis. No, even less. Instead of 3 per day, we take 1 every 3 days. Oh, and the casual Aspirin of course. Normal people don’t need more meds than that.

    “Today I had my booster covid vaccine.”
    Really, Isa? Covid is dead and gone since months and you still get boostered … REALLY? We didn’t even have our initial shot yet, not planning to get started on that shite.


    1. Yup really. Each his own choice and this is mine.
      Covid isn’t dead and gone here as we are slowly rising. I work in public sector and know full well how it has impacted some of the very vulnerable. As I’m classed as such I have it, flu and pneumonia vaccines

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  2. At the moment I just take the one pill a day to control my immune system. I guess I’ll find out at my next NHS Health Check if I need to start taking anything else.

    We’ve still got the medication sorters in a drawer in the kitchen from when my late father was on a load of different ones — that was very much needed, as he frequently forgot which ones he needed to take on which day — plus a pill-cutter from when I had to take much larger meds and split them to make the prescribed dosage.

    The only images I take with outfit details are those for my Appearances folder in Second Life. Which reminds me, I need to take a load more photos in-world as I’ve fallen behind on cataloguing my wardrobe. I’ll occasionally wear my What’s She Wearing HUD and scan someone at an event to find out where they got the parts for their avatar.

    Your NHS record *should* have all the vaccination shots records, though the local doctors surgery messed up and didn’t record my mum’s last Covid booster, she had to call the NHS to get it sorted out.

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    1. Lol I live with my pill sorting box now, it’s a pain when I stand staring at the box thinking did I? Or did I not? 😂
      Yeah I get pinged for my shots. I’ve got flu this week as forgot to attend 3 weeks ago. Then pneumonia and I’m good to go.
      It works because I suffered terrible chest infections where I’d end up on an inhaler and now haven’t had a bad chest a few years now. Touch wood !!!!


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