I’m just relaxed on the sofa and can I just add it’s rather darn chilly right now.

I’m definitely not wearing this dress in the photo, because if I was that would be ludicrous given how cold I am right now.

To to be fair I’d over spill that bodice huge time!!! Just saying, my avatar is not buxom enough just yet to replicate my wholesome bones!!!

Did you learn anything about the outage from Facebook, Instagram and What’s App yesterday?

I did. Your only as good as your last social post and it’s about time I bought an old fashioned address and telephone book to collect my friends details.

Honestly relying on these social media platforms has made me realise in this outage we do it just a tad too much,

I was forced to even send an email last night to my brother in Australia. How old fashioned is that! We are used to daily texts every night before I go to bed.

I then realised omg I don’t actually have his address or home phone number.

My suggestion as I believe this won’t be a one off. Start collecting the details you need to keep in touch with those you care about. You be nuts not to.


Carmina Burana dress from Entice for the Makeover Room

Avalon EvoX head from Lelutka

Varvara hair from eXxEsS

Kira Eyeshadow from Velour

Amalia skin in tone 30 from Amara

Lipstick part of the head hud

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

Shot on location at Arranmore

2 thoughts on “OMG!!!

  1. I lost contact with loads of people when I nuked my Facebook profile back in 2019, because they don’t have any presence elsewhere online. Not a problem for immediate family, plus those few who still keep in touch via other means. If anything, I should clear out most of my contacts because I no longer know most of them, more so the ones I connected with on LinkedIn back when I used that place. The only one of those services I do use is WhatsApp, and that’s just for family communication as and when required.

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    1. Yup. I am going to buy myself a good old fashioned address book and store my contacts. I downloaded Telegram as you can use it like what’s app. I decided once I’ve done that and noted all important people then I don’t care if Facebook disappears. It may be good for my soul if it does in many ways

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