Get the radio on!

It’s my reality lunch break right now and the quiet is maybe too quiet for my liking.

I would put the radio on but it broke 2 years ago and these days I make do with background music inworld or on YouTube usually.

But, I’m working and frankly cannot do either. Some days, it’s nice to hear music just to concentrate and get in with your day.

Many others may disagree and for them the quiet is welcome, I’m the opposite. I tend to thrive on busy sounds and humming to myself.

Anyhow that’s actually why I made this picture the way it is. Even in space and in pretend alien planets, I’m sure they want some music too!!!



Razor outfit from the Cyberfactory at the Cyber Fair

Lavill hair from lock&tuft

Impact site crator backdrop from ::Static:: at the Cyber Fair September

Avalon EvoX head from Lelutka

Kira Eyeshadow from Velour

Lipstick part of the head hud

Nina skin in beige from Glam Affair

Classic mesh body from Legacy

Image courtesy using Flickr

2 thoughts on “Get the radio on!

  1. These days, my iPad Mini is my radio, the only downside being I can’t use just one app to access all the stations and shows I like. (Looking at you BBC!) I also subscribe to a lot of ambient music podcasts, great to listen to and drift off to sleep at night.

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