I am the alien

I am the alien today. I feel a shade of bluey green and like I belong on another planet.

The activity of sleep has become difficult to obtain without interruption these days. Its the cat. He is I am pretty sure slowly trying to kill me off so that I can feed him for the rest of his life!!! Evil evil boy!!! Ha ha .

No he is just a summer ragdoll who cares not about my sleep pattern, as long as he is having a good time.

When the clocks change for the winter, I suddenly get reprieve. Every year it’s the same.

If you want to meet Bondi and Tippi his sister feel free to check out their Instagram. Yes, yes they have one here.

Meanwhile I’m living the Cyber Fair right now. I’m all for being alien!!



Project Alien skin from Velour at the CYBER Fair

CC2 Sanctum backdrop from [inZoxi] at the CYBER Fair

Alva body suit from Diversion at the CYBER Fair

Cyber glasses with Animation from DM:: at the CYBER Fair

Avalon EvoX head from Lelutka

Classic mesh body from Legacy

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