Zenescope Entertainment in Second Life

Zenescope the comic book and graphic novel publishing company are now within our Second Life virtual world bringing us the Zenescope Metaverse! Zenescope is the brainchild of Joe Brusha  the president of the company and Ralph Tedesco  the Co-founder and head of film and television and was launched in 2005.

If you dont know anything about this company then you are in for a treat. Their RL website is here and as you will see is full of names you may have heard before.

For example the Grimm Fairy tales and the Van Helsing graphic novels.

This is a new experience in Second Life where you can explore, join a quest, play Golf and even run around and get lost in a maze with all sorts of little hidden spots to find.

The merch store is most cool and has some awesome outfits and memorabilia to add to your virtual collection if not the RL collection you may want.

The outfit I am wearing is the Belle outfit available at the Merch store. All details of how to get there etc are in the credits under the video link.




The Belle outfit I am wearing is available at the Zenescope merchandise store

2 thoughts on “Zenescope Entertainment in Second Life

    1. Well I shared what I found with my usual positive outlook. One mans ying is another’s yang as they say.
      My virtual life is all about floating in and out of the moment.
      Plus I used different wind light !!!! Lol
      I’m of the “let’s see what happens” mindset.
      Plus I didn’t have an expectation before I visited. Though I did check them out online before I visited and had fun being a Belle character for a moment.
      Btw thanks for the video comment. 😃


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