A trip

Evening fellow bloggers.

Well you have all been privy to the gacha news out there now. So let me not even write about it. Other than to say, finally!!!! Finally I can buy a few things I’ve always wanted but refused to pay hundreds of Lindens trying to get only one item!!

I’m sure many won’t agree and that’s what free thinking is. Just respect the views of each other then just Suck it up buttercups. We will always disagree but let’s just crack on and move forward.

My avatar today is leaving the premises. She has packed up for the night in her overnight case from Mad Pea and gone off to find a bed for the night.

By the way the T-shirt currently at the EQUAL10 Event will only be there a few more days. It’s so cute don’t you think?

Goodnight one and all.


Plant parent tshirt from Ananas// at the EQUAL10 Event

Jeans from Beaumore at the ACCESS Event

Pull along suitcase from Mad Pea

Briar mesh hair from Wasabi

HDPRO Majer soft head from CATWA

Makeup from Velour

Eline skin from AMARA

Image courtesy using Flickr

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