Hey Mr Snowman

Happy Monday it is. Whilst the virtual space looks gorgeous, the reality is just another dull drizzly look.

Does it matter? Heck no, as your day is how you make it. I make mine snowy bright and festive. I may even consider a mince pie.

Clearly I already know the day coming because in the U.K. you can predict the weather. Seriously! Full dreary and drizzly. Probably for days. Oh hang on, it so fully is.

Raindale has released some cute items for Christmas and I thought I’d show you in my non touched up by photo program way.

I’m not a great decor person as I keep saying, however to me this looks festive. I keep staring at these dudes in my front garden and thinking how adorable they are.

Seriously cannot resist a snowy covered dude.

Reminds me of that film Jack Frost with Michael Keaton. Both sad but lovely film.


Holibell Snowmen from Raindale at the Santa Inc

Carollove deers from Raindale is the Joyeux Noel Christmas hunt gift from Raindale

Jackie Child avatar from Zooby

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