Don’t just stand there looking

I don’t speak of my background but my mother was a result of a mixed race love affair. In South Africa. In times of Apartheid. Her mother married an afrikaaner and she was born. But she was noticeably quite different.

But she took on being the “white” persona.
She herself became racist. Go figure!!
She met my father who was a result of a Jewish family and then they eventually relocated to Australia. But in between my childhood years I lived in South Africa and Australia. I saw apartheid and experienced what it was like to never be sure where we were “allowed”.  I was in the middle, never comfortable in the white lane or the black lane. I grew up hating my heritage.
When apartheid was abolished and after spending my majority of childhood in Australia and loving people just for being humans no matter their colour or race or religious beliefs, I’m honestly so sick in my stomach that Today in 2020, this absolute sick human thought process still exists! 
Black lives matter, white lives matter, ALL lives matter!!
You can’t sit back and say and do nothing. You can’t just sit back and say “I hope it gets sorted out”. 
Stop sitting there and placating. Human lives matter. Speak up, do something. 
Show the bigots and racists, mysoginists and all others that we will not tolerate them. 
It’s 2020, It’s time they caught up and got themselves educated. 
Violence doesn’t work. History has taught us that.
Use intelligence, use education, use voice. Vote well!!!Protest peacefully and use your voice!!


Book Punk skirt from Vinyl at the EQUAL10 Event

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Mimi Hair from // MIWAS // at the EQUAL10 Event

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