A world without limits

When it comes to Sansar and Second Life, I have a passion for both.

Both platforms have very different reasons why I love them and advocate experiencing them.

When I first went into Sansar it was during the pre public release.

I was in there familiarising myself and learning how to navigate myself around it and admiring the whole graphical experience. That was back when there were just a few experiences most by Sansar and creators had just started creating places to visit.

Move along a few years later I have seen so many changes in there and the creator experiences become more interactive and fun.

The problem was that people expected to land in Sansar and have a Second Life experience.

Sansar was never meant to be a Second Life experience. That was the first mistake people made when they logged to check it out. What they “expected”, were pretty avatars and a Second Life society.

Then they started to complain and blame Sansar for their user experience in Second Life.

Yet never really appreciating the vastly new things that Linden Lab we’re bringing into Second Life. Mesh, Bakes on Mesh, Animesh and better Linden homes etc.

So the thoughts conveyed by negative nellies was always they felt they were being “done over” in replacement for Sansar. That they would lose their hard worker lives in Second Life and the investments they had made.

The reality is, look at the past few years and the amazing things that Second Life has acquired!!

Now back to Sansar.

I love Sansar and am glad that Ebbe Altberg is not ditching it but seeking for it to continue and let some other investor take it forward. I’m not leaving Sansar and neither are many other Sansarians users who understand its potentials.

The technology behind Sansar is amazing. The potential for it even more amazing.

It has the graphics of a cgi game yet you are living inside it real time.

My computer loves it. My computer is 5 years old.

Now check this video below and tell me, this isn’t amazing or realistic.

I’m glad there is a world created like this. That’s asexual and able to provide meeting places for huge events virtually.

That young people under 18 can visit and explore their own creator experiences and not feel they can’t participate due to adult constraints.

The potential here is there.



To download Sansar and create your own avatar click here

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