2 thoughts on “Putting the Sass into this day

  1. Whoa. Ok. I don’t think you’re going nuts, but I think you might have had cheese before bed. Or chocolate. Anyway… what I get from this is that you subconsciously think you treat your cats better than yourself and I am concerned that may be true. You’re extremely important and you need to make sure you’re treating yourself properly. If SL is on your mind too much, maybe cut back a bit or try socialising more in RL where people are less likely to become an ant (did I turn into an ant? I’m curious… I’ve always admired ants. Anyway.) <3 Hugs you.

    1. Lol I am nuts. I’ve decided on this officially.
      Funnily I’ve been doing a cut back on social media recently . It’s been quite good as it happens. Oh I do treat my cats better. I have this belief that we have to. We are fortunate and they can’t do much
      Lol don’t worry SL is not. Some real life stuff is though and well sometimes those things require miracles lol.
      The Ant was my friend Draki. He progressed from Furry to Ant lol
      Subconsciously I’d like to be looked after like a cat. 😁❤️

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