Hot drinks and pumpkin pies

Autumn I would say has officially landed!

All the warm browns and oranges are starting to slowly appear both in reality and in Second Life. Apparently Halloween is fast approaching too.

Time to get out all the pumpkin pies and warm drinks in readiness for the last few evenings where it’s chilly but not like the Antarctic outside.

Although I do love an Antarctic blast. I make no secret of that. I cannot wait for snow!

Winter excites me because I grew up in sunshine constantly . Chilly was a cardigan. Chilly by my old standards was around 18-19 degrees Celsius. So the -2 is still a novelty to me.

Wooly coats and boots with matching scarves and gloves, my guilty pleasures. The white stuff? Sublime.

Ye gods I can hear you all erupt at the same time.

Humour me. I can make do with virtual white stuff if I have to. But just one time let me experience a proper heavy snowfall at Christmas. Just once?

Now for what sparked my thoughts today…..



Dawnwood Gacha from Raindale is now at the Lootbox

Gacha items include :-

Dawnwood square table
Dawnwood chair
Dawnwood wagon [rare]
Dawnwood chalk sign
Dawnwood table
Dawnwood chocolate dipped apples  
Dawnwood pumpkin dish
Dawnwood bag of apples
Dawnwood barrel
Dawnwood barrel with tap
Dawnwood paper cups (3)
Dawnwood paper cup
Dawnwood pot


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