Being home

There is something so amazing when you walk through your front door and close it off to the world and disappear into your own space.

Its called being home.

Designer Showcase doesn’t usually have décor and when this popped up in my blog box today I thought you know what, I had to do it straight away.

I was going to do a Coffee with Isa from it and will do , but today I just wanted this photo without any humans in (well pixels) and just to admire the look of it and wishing when I turned to look at my living room in the real life my sofa was like it.

Dont get me wrong I love my living room, and I love my sofa, but at times don’t you wish you could click a hud and just change it like you do in virtual life to something new depending on your mood?

I did not move one thing from rezzing this. It laid and I was quite pleased at how it looked in its display that I left it as it was and added nothing else. Frankly it doesn’t need anything else in this scene.


Brisa de Rio living room set from Heart Homes / Aphrodite at the Designer Showcase August round

Kitchen Skybox from Hive

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