I need to tell someone

Here in the UK we are basking in 28 degrees and I've seriously seen some sights that I cannot unsee, ever! Right now as I'm sat on the bus amongst the sweet smells of body odour there he sits. Homer Simpson reincarnate with no shirt on, pale skin and red where he has sunburnt himself. [...]

A little decor

Yeah I know right! Decor and me! I'm still not quite master of a beautiful scene because I'm so not a throw out the Knick back person I think there are some folk born to blog decor and then there is me. I'm best lounging over said items posing but I decided this picture could [...]

The child within

Anyone who bothers to know me as a person knows that on a daily basis I fight with obstacles that throw themselves like a bus in front of me. Some days my "fight" feels so encompassing that I really could give up. I'm tired of fake views, fake likes, fake news. I'm tired of fake [...]