Winter living

I love snow and winter even more than I love summer at times.

There’s something so intrinsically beautiful about snow and how it changes the landscape. That’s before anyone walks on it and turns it to mush.

The landscape becomes perfect and I could sit and simply stare at it for hours.

I’ve turned my virtual landscape to snow and ice for the winter and this cottage looked so ideal with its snow cap roof.

I didn’t decorate it as such but then I always have a preference to see the space.

Now the video tour….



Coldbrook gacha by Raindale at the Arcade Event

The rare is the gorgeous cottage

Commons are the blanket, poufs, candle, firewood rack, ladder with lights, and floor pillows.

Norville hanging chair  from Raindale

Console table and frames from Raindale at the Sense Event till the 8th December

Shot on location in my back garden


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