A little house called Gracewoods

I thought today I would be less controversial. I’ll save that for tomorrow.

I wanted to show you this really cute little Gacha from Raindale.

It’s a diddly little tea house with furniture and as soon as I get my land on Friday, this is going in the forest.



Gracewoods Gacha from Raindale  is now at the Whimsical Event
There are 8 common and 1 rare prizes to be won

Rare teahouse has land impact of 11 and footprint 6×6

Common prizes are:

1. Sofa – 8Li, 20 solo and 8 couples animations
2,3. Armchairs – 4Li, 20 solo sit animations in each
4. Coffee table – 1Li
5. Rug – 1Li
6. Console table – 2Li
7. Candle-holder – 1Li, flame on/off on touch
8. Deco plates – 1Li

The paddock is from Two Moon Gardens

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