Facing the paparazzi?

This backdrop did make me laugh so had to get it.

There’s been so much negative feedback about the new sim Backdrop City that I seriously had to put my two cents worth in.

I’m a daily vlogger/blogger and try to do a lot of my blogs around the various sims in Second Life as I love showing off scenery specifically when I am filming.

But, there is a but. Lag happens a lot and you will often hear me moaning about that when I’m vlogging and can’t Rez a hud properly. So it’s the home platform to film. Now I’m not rich by any means and having to buy backdrops as often as I need them and props, actually works out damn expensive. I’m showcasing merchants when I’m doing this and I’m personally not earning a penny.

When the sim Backdrop city opened it meant that on days I suffer bad lag there is somewhere I could go and get that photo or picture together at last minute.

I think the numerous assertions that this will mess up merchants incomes etc is daft.

The reason I feel that way is simple. Since I first joined SL I’ve taken photos in many places where people have had said backdrops freely available to use and scenes other people have created. There have been free to use photo studios and I know of other places that just contain backdrops. This has been existing in SL ever since I learnt you could take a photo.

The lady that set this up has physically using her own money paid for each of the backdrops and also pays for the sim.

I in turn have purchased backdrops from merchants that I thought wow, wonder what else they have as a result of visiting this sim.

So logically who has missed out financially?

The items were purchased and I know some of those cost in excess of 1k per Backdrop. So money was exchanged.

I agree that items listed at events need to be held back till event is over but seriously there is a bigger picture.

In reality we buy and sell on what we buy. That’s real life commerce. We buy a car, we sell it on. The principle is pretty much the same here if people are talking about commerce in SL. Every business has to have a backup plan on how they sustain their business and how they plan to market it.

People showcasing fabulous backdrops in blog posts or videos is also part of the market plan.

Do we complain when a dance merchants dances appear in dance systems at clubs for all to use? That a house is multiplied in sims as part of rental businesses?

Yet there is a huge cry out on someone who is earning nothing, not even a land tip.

Certainly don’t be negative about bloggers who use these because frankly we are advertising for you.

Oh and remember everyone ganging up to harangue one person who thought she was doing a great thing for bloggers and vloggers, is a little bit like bullying. Think before you post. It’s not nice for anyone to find out they are being so maligned no matter who they are. And my goodness I have read some pretty toxic comments.

I’ve been there, worn the tshirt and it’s pretty soul hurting. Is that the people we want to be?

We are a community last time I checked.

Get to know the person and what she was aiming to do. Read the signs on the sim and just seriously be kind. Have a discussion, consider a marketing idea? Possibilities are endless.

Oh and be considerate of the bloggers who seriously are not making anything and who invest a lot of money in drawing together scenes for posts. It’s so totally a urban myth. That they get everything for free. I can guarantee that is not the case. A lot of us actually pay for our blogs and our props. We do it because we love it.


Eleanor fur coat from Asteria

Tinker top from Blueberry

Caitli legging from Scandalize

Marten boots from ROC

Charlotte hair from Analog Dog

Only in my dreams pose from Luanes World

Adriana sunglasses from LEGENDAIRE

Paparazzi backdrop from Astralia

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Christy dark skin Lara Hurley

8 thoughts on “Facing the paparazzi?

  1. Thank you for speaking up on this as I did earlier with my post as well ~ have spent lotz of my money on props and such for blog posts, which might result in more $$ than just a simple outfit am showing off ..am glad more people feel like this and my ♥ heart goes out to those are being pushed about just because one individual is having a temper tantrum ~ great post, fantastic image ♥♥


    1. I think people panic a lot because they feel threatened. I say wait before reacting and really see if something is that bad . Often we all react but at times realise that it was a reaction based on our over reactions.
      My last two dance videos were made there and as a result I went out and shopped. So can’t be all bad 😊


  2. Agreed. Once you have bought a product then it’s yours to do with as you wish. I could understand the feeling that if said person was charging to use said products then it would be questionable but given free of charge and then moaned about doesn’t make sense to me. If pressure were applied in this way to everything that was bought, then there would be no secondary gacha market either. And bloggers wouldn’t be able to make up scenes with products and get ‘likes’ and kudos for their pictures, it’s just stupid. Some designers are also ‘advising’ their bloggers that they are not to use said products and will be looked upon unfairly if they do.


    1. Are you dodging me, bloggers are being told this? Wow that’s absolutely nuts and how to self destruct ones own business.
      I think like I said to Starr, people can over react. We all do that now and then. But bloggers being told this kind of thing is madness. We are consumers and as consumers we are trade. The world is daft I tell you, daft.
      I actually won’t boycott anything or anyone unless I know the facts. Mindless boycotting is foolish and just creates divides that are totally unnecessary.


  3. Oh.. this is why I love you Isa! You’re so vocal and transparent. Putting truth out there is what it’s all about. Thank you for your supportive words and allegiance to bloggers/Vloggers veterans and rookies alike. Good looking out. I’m a rookie in the blogging community and I do it because I love to share and I love fashion trends. My only issue is financial but I try to do what I can on my own with no complaints. However, sponsors would be great yet I smile and enjoy the fruit of my labor. Happy New Year everyone!🎉💋🍾🥂


    1. 😊 well if we can’t be transparent and open and honest, what hope have we got. I totally think it’s an issue which never had to be made into one. Not even sure why it needed to be. Anyhow let’s hope the madness blows over as fast as it started. One merchant already defriended me for being vocal. Now that’s just plain childish .Happy Bee Year 🍷🍭


  4. All this kind lady is doing is paying it forward. In my case, I do all of my filming in increments and when time allows. A lot of that time is looking for locations where I can film scenes and rez object that fit them. I have done the sandbox thing and the land rental thing. The fact that I can find a space to film and have the added advantage of ready made backdrops and the ability to rez is awesome. I personally don’t feel that this would keep me from purchasing other backdrops, because me needs are always changing. To sit there and bash someone for doing something like this just for the pure joy of it, for fear that it will take away your coin, or some copyright issue is insane. The owner leaves landmarks to the actual merchants stores. It just doesn’t make sense. No one should dictate what you do in your second life!


    1. You hit that nail on the head “no one should dictate what you do in your second life”.
      Then it’s thing about this is that if this boycott was successful, the it starts a domino effect and can you imagine….
      No you can’t Rez your house twice, no you can’t be seen in public in that outfit, no you can’t be seen dancing out in public…
      In RL they can’t dictate so why would it be ok in SL?
      And another note, influencing bloggers to do anything is a huge no no.
      Thanks Maddie


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