Facing the paparazzi?

This backdrop did make me laugh so had to get it. There's been so much negative feedback about the new sim Backdrop City that I seriously had to put my two cents worth in. I'm a daily vlogger/blogger and try to do a lot of my blogs around the various sims in Second Life as [...]

Undies Raindale and eyes

Undies Raindale and eyes

So I have a little person here today and seriously couldn't show him the undies. Instead we visited Sansar and I let him click around and do all sorts. Suffice to say, lucky no one was around as he popped on the mic and was warbling away before I realised. Clearly anyone listening would have [...]

Only a matter of time

Im  laying on a beach on a tropical island and gaze at shimmering sunshine whilst drinking a pina colada and gazing at my hunky man as he walks out of the water towards me. His chest rippling and the water running down his skin. Then I wake up. Fifteen days and I have an essay [...]

Saturday sunshine

All is good in the world and no bad news to be heard.  But that's maybe because I made a active decision I would avoid seeing what the press had to say for one weekend. Two days of living in my ignorant bliss is definitely called for. Gorgeous sunshine, smiles and seeing good friends and [...]