Whats inside the house

Good morning, good evening or even good afternoon. Wherever, you may be in the world.

Apparently it’s hump day again.

These hump days seem to be floating by rather quickly and I’m having less and less time to get things done in both worlds.

Two days ago I started feeling the inklings of being unwell. Today’s it’s starting to settle in nicely in.

Every part of this old body is aching and I have the statutory fuzzy head and grouchy mood to go with it.

I simply want to go back to bed and sleep. But soldier on as the saying goes I must.

It’s hard to take time to be sick when work is short staffed with other people off being sick.

One of those situations of damned if you do and damned that you don’t.

So I’ll go hibernate behind my computer monitor at the back of the room and hope for a second wave of energy.

Have a great day and for all the American and Canadian friends I have, enjoy the start to your preparations for thanksgiving.

Look out for the people that aren’t so fortunate and just give some time or something to make their days brighter. It only takes a moment.

PS this dress has a hud!!! But sadly I couldn’t show you as the video didn’t save. I call it the ombré colour but definitely worth looking at as it’s lovely.


Pippa Dress from D.E. Boutique at the Designer Showcase

Naomi hair from enVOGUE

A book worth reading pose from Luanes World

Catya bento head from CATWA

Angel shape for the Catya head LizBitz

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Grace skin in toffee shade from [theSkinnery]

Designer Showcase

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