Latin dreams

So finally it’s Saturday and chill time.

Well after the little one had run me ragged.

I’m on babysitting duty and this kiddo is on super speed mode!

So far we have erected a train system and then he was over all of that and pulled it apart.

Currently I’m having to wind up Bob the minion over and over so he can run across the coffee table.

I’m possibly on my 30th windup now.

Is it time for a nap yet? 💤

Now whilst I sleep I’ll dream of Latin nights…..


Credits :-

Danny outfit from Enigma available at the Hashtag Event<<<
elay hair from enVOGUE<<<
ya bento head from CATWA<<<
el shape for the Catya head LizBitz<<<
a mesh body Maitreya<<<
isty dark skin Lara Hurley<<<
med on location at Tequila Sunrise Club< img class=”alignnone wp-image-15325″ src=”; alt=”LOGO ENIGMA APPAREL SEM FUNDO” width=”1024″ height=”1024″>

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