Last night as I was getting ready for bed. Usual routine, shower, teeth , feed cats and get clothes ready for work. 

I did stop and think why it is each day I have to find something different for work when in fact I work in an office and how smart I am dressed has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the quality of work I do.

There are some days (like today) I would love to ditch the smart outfit and opt for a pair of jeans, top and sneakers.

Dare I be rebellious one day and test that out? I’ll let you know.

This particular outfit from Le Fashion Whore would totally suit my idea of casual.

Video :-


Credits :-

Hoodie, bra top, jeans, undies and sneakers from Le Fashion Whore at the Fusion 101 Event

Mena hair from Mina

Gia skin in mid tone from Lara Hurley

Catya bento head and eyes from Catwa

Lara mesh body from Maitreya

8f8 – Driftwood II – Swing me still is from 8f8 at Black Kite




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