Returning home

It’s always great to come back home.

Well, my thoughts right now as I’m on a bus headed to work.

Not really had much rest at all at the weekend as I had the little one stay as well.

Unfortunately when he comes to stay I can’t get any law course work done and right now I’m on this bus thinking hells bells I’ve fallen behind and somehow need to turn this around between now and next weekend as he comes to stay again.

The work load is actually ramping up now and where I was in that lull of feeling confident that I was ahead and keeping up? It’s now not so.

Juggling a full time job as well it’s just chaos.

I really respect people who manage to do this and appear cool calm and collected because I’d like that facade right now too.

Despite this, I had a great time with little Mason. He is growing so well and really coming on leaps and bounds. 

I taught him to “slide some skin” which he finds hilarious.

So all you need to say is slide some skin Mason and he high gives you.

The little things that make life so wonderful.

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