Exploring Hazardous

As you may have noticed I have stepped back a little from my character videos.

Well the gals need a little break now and then as well.

Thelma is off with the family enjoying their reunion after a year. Remember if you watch the series, Trevor has lurked in the shadows all this time with odd sightings, whilst Thelma gave birth to the miracle child. C’mon you never thought she did it on her own did you?

I mean you never thought she popped to a Zooby store and ordered the kid?

Marika is currently chasing that hottie around the gym and trying to get him to use his sat nav to go around her.

Beverley, well she is right now getting her feet massaged by her Guru and has not been seen for days.

Today we are visiting Hazardous in Second Life. A pretty sim which has been around a fair while now and I have previously visited but never filmed.

I thought you know what lets visit again and I will attempt to fight my current lag and film some for you. Enjoy……



To visit Hazardous just click here

Music used in this video

Track 1 is “Western call” by Cody Francis

Track 2 is “Minds of the Forest” by Sight of wonders


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