Down on the stump

Today I am in a multi vlog mood.

I no longer tend to do many  fashion vlogs on YouTube nowadays. However what the hell lets make an exception today. I seriously cannot stop laughing at my mouth. You will see why in the video.

Anyone have any ideas on it, then shout as I would love to know what on earth I am doing wrong. Again, I cannot stop laughing.



Zara dress from OSMIA at the EQUAL10 Event

Kashina necklace from .random.Matter  at the EQUAL10 Event

The forest crossway set which are the stumps and the sign from Raindale at Liaison Collaborative

Anwara skin in tone 3 from Colivati at the EQUAL10 Event

Soft lashes from A R T E

Refined eyebrows for Genus from AR T E

Heaven eyes from A R T E

Lux eyeshadow for Genus from A R T E

Amber lipstick for Genus from A R T E

Classic  head from Genus

My own shape

Lara mesh body Maitreya

Shot on location at La Vie


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