What drives you crazy


If only my nightmares would be as exciting as this. Even shopping with ghouls and zombies is actually seemingly fun if you are in SL.

It pays to always look your best at these moments as every moment is a photo moment, even if the bloodsuckers are after you.







Credits :-

“Bridget” dress in gold  from Alien Gizmo’s

“Gwen” wedge shoes from Alien Gizmo’s (hud driven)

“Bridget” gold dress from Alien Gizmo’s

“Maeve” skin in Oak from 7 Deadly [S]kins

“Trinity” mesh head from LAQ Avatars

“Lara” mesh body from Maitreya

“Luck” tattoo from Tattoo Mania available exclusively at Whore Couture Event



Live reckless

I’ve never been one to live recklessly. I think the most reckless act I have ever done was staying out later than I was supposed to when I should have been home in bed.

I’m not sure if that makes me boring, predictable or just sensible?

I cant say that any of the boring or predictable  labels, people  who know me would apply to my life as it never has been the case. But, I guess in terms of living recklessly, I’m Miss sensible.






Credits :-

“Xenia” Romper suit Alien Gizmo’s

“Maeve” freckled skin from 7 Deadly [S]kins  This shade I’m wearing is Sand (the lighter version) and Oak (the darker version)

“Shirabe” blonde hair from Argrace

“Trinity” mesh head from LAQ Avatars

“Lara” mesh body from Maitreya

“JAPA” leg tattoo from Tattoo Mania


Up up and away

Beam me up Scottie is really what I want to say.

As I sit here on the bus with my brollie and long sleeves I’m reminded summer is nearly over.

I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet. I still have a whole lot of sunshine to absorb and blue skies to take in.

Winter  in England although is beautiful at times is also quite depressing. The dark mornings and the dark nights mean you never really see the daylight until the half hour lunch break in the working day.

But that aside, it’s a great reason to go buy new clothes don’t you think?

In SL however you can have any season you want. So today, it’s a balmy summer for me in this gorgeous dress. Just don’t look out the window as the illusion suddenly shatters…….,.







Credits :-

“Scarlett” red roses dress available from Alien Gizmo’s

“Juliet” hair  from MINA

“Trinity” mesh head and “Nellie” skin from Laq Avatars

“Lara” mesh body from Maitreya

Sunglasses are a free gift I found along my travels but because SL did not let me look at my inventory last night as it was soooooooo bad. I cant tell you till it fixes itself again. But suffice to say they are I believe called Top Gun.

The Phoenix


The song track to this video is called The Phoenix. I produced it in 2015 and actually the making of it was for SL.

At the time Exodus Rock club had closed and suddenly my Saturday nights were no longer spent at the themed events and just enjoying filming and listening to the banter amongst folk. ( folk makes me sound old, but it’s my favourite word at the moment for people).

I really loved those  Saturday nights and when you go back on the history of my SL you tube channel, Exodus features throughout.

When I joined SL in 2010 as my original avatar, it was Exodus I ended up calling my “local”.

Back then I was a noob with the statutory  big boobs and bling earrings and certainly no pixel class. Slowly I learnt about good taste, less is more and about men with bad chat up lines and how to avoid them.

I developed the art of click and sit to animate, and how to build a box, colour it and make it look like a vase. A talent I soon realised wasn’t a talent but actually quite the basic skill you should have.

I’ve come a long way in my journey and been a number of avatars over the years. I’ve never hidden my alts and everyone knows they were always part of my cast when I created a new video.

I’ve had some  truly bad experiences which have taught me to be less naive with people and some also fantastic experiences and people who have become my good friends.

So back to The Phoenix…,





“Saige” dress flowers by Alien Gizmo’s

“Avery” hair by pr!tty

Peep toe pumps by REIGN

“Luck” tattoo by Tattoo Mania special for Whore Couture

“Lara” mesh body by Maitreya








MOVE! Animations and the Elena dance…unreal and gorgeous. I am addicted and as you can guess they’re now my video necessity. I love these dances and well say no more. The videos speak for themselves.


An Indian Summer

Anyone living South East UK right now know what I’m meaning by the term Indian Summer.

We are sizzling this week and would usually by now be wearing jackets and preparing our winter wardrobes. In fact they reckon it’s the hottest September days for the last 100 years here. Now I’m not sure if that’s true or not because umm I haven’t lived 100 hundred years. But what the heck I’ll take the tabloids word for it this time.

Can’t say that I can even contemplate wool and tweed right now as I sit here in this bus perspiring like a sumo wrestler wrapped in cling film sitting in a sauna!

With all this moisture loss one would expect to have lost a few pounds and become svelte this past week. I’m disappointed to note this is not the case and I’m just the same as I was last Thursday. Dog dang it!

Alien Gizmo’s little summer Paige dress is what my real life needs right now. But still my virtual gal remains cool and enjoying the summer lazy days on the beach.








Credits :-

“Paige” dress in tartan by Alien Gizmo’s

Hair is “Mena” a free gift from MINA

“Trinity” mesh head and “Nellie” skin from Laq Avatars

“Lara” mesh body from Maitreya

Thought for the day

Sun is shining and the bees are singing.

Well, they don’t really sing but if you listen to that buzz long enough, you would turn it into a song.

I do have bees though . I have a few bees on the balcony and have to now go and figure out the most full proof human way of asking them to move a  little, so that I can go and sit out there and expose this body to some rays of sunshine. In turn they can do their pollination thing and we can live in harmony.

If they don’t move? Then I guess I live with it and take the risk that they may decide they don’t fancy a nip of my flesh today. But either way, I’m out there today.

Enjoy the video. I’m  dancing to the rhythm of MOVE! Animations Cologne, Elena and Jay dances.

Music track is “Trance Awareness” by IsaB (that’s me)











Clothes Credits:-


Top “Manuela”  Alien Gizmo’s

Skirt “Marian” Alien Gizmo’s

Body “Lara” Maitreya

“Trinity” head and “Nellie” skin Laq Avatars

Shoes are “Rome Lace up” Reign


Fly me to the moon

How I wish a few balloons is all it required.

I’ve just got home from a wonderful day in the real world. Belated Birthday present from my two good friends, lunch out and Dirty Dancing at the theatre. Absolutely feel on cloud 9 right now.

Best bit is when Johnny gets out of bed with Baby and he flashes his rather pert buttocks. Lets just say that was a real golden moment many wont forget in a hurry.

So just like this pixelated moi, I’m floating on cloud nine.

Alien Gizmo’s produced a great dress in the “Saige”. I love it.

I couldn’t possibly look any more like it was made for me if I tried.











“Saige” dress Alien Gizmo’s  available in fat pack or single versions

Hair “Raphael” by Sintiklia

Head “Trinity” and skin “Nellie” by Laq Avatars

“Lara” mesh body Maitreya

Finding seagulls and pelicans

 Actually I find a lot more than  seagulls on  my doorstep.

I came home last night to a gang of geese. Yes a gang! They were mean dudes, hissing and raising their feathers at me. I live on lakes which is beautiful in itself and every day you hear and see the ducks and geese.

But, every now and then (actually a lot) they leave the water and venture into the estate part, wandering through people’s gardens.

On the whole that’s pretty wonderful. Mind you, have you seen the size of their poop?

 Of course a video goes without saying as I tried out the  MOVE! free gift of the Elena dance. I’m so excited because I have been accepted as one of their bloggers. Now dance videos are my niche and that works out perfectly given all the rubbish I have been through with SL of late. I received my first box of Elena to showcase last night. But this is a snippet of the dance and of the Roxy outfit.



Location The Village & BarDeco

Song track “Sexy Dress” by IsaB ( that’s me) 


“Roxy” top and skirt courtesy of the fabulous Alien Gizmo’s available singularly or in a fat pack.

Hair is “Holly” by [Entwined] which is a free group gift

Head is “Trinity”  and Skin is “Nellie” 2.5 tone by Laq Avatars

Shoes are “Rome” lace up  Reign

Necklace is “Orbit” a free group gift from .: RealEvil Industries :.

Dance animation is “Elena” a free group gift from MOVE! ANIMATIONS COLOGNE

Really a brunette

I am you know.

The blonde is a 2 hour episode at the hairdressers every 3 months which Ive been doing for 5 years now.

I’m actually considering going back and seeing if brunettes have more fun.

On the grand scale of life’s decisions for a woman, that’s quite a decisision you know. Ha ha

Happy Saturday. Alien Gizmo’s outfits are kind of rocking my pixel at the moment I have to say.






Outfit is called “Roxy” by Alien Gizmo’s its  available in a fat pack of 6 colours

Mesh body “Lara” by Maitreya

“Trinity” head  and “Nellie” skin by Laq Avatars


Being a jobs worth

 In the UK there is this term called “jobs worth”. 

It applies to people who only do what they need to but would never consider giving a little extra, being helpful or simply at times obstructive.

That term I apply without hesitance to my bus driver this morning.

The bus driver was stood outside of bus dragging on his cigarette. I’m having back pain, so politely ask him can I go sit on bus as 3 mins till it goes. 

He tells me no, as it means his driving hours starts and he can’t have that!!! 

Part of me was annoyed and the other had to laugh at his statement because we all knew he simply wanted to finish his cigarette. His driving hours started the moment he started work at the depot and  turned the key in the ignition and drove the mile to get to my bus stop.

Jobs worth….





Credits :-

“Iris” denim dress by Alien Gizmo’s which comes as a fatpack of 6 colours

“Gwen” multi hud wedges Alien Gizmo’s

Hair is a free group gift from :::Phoenix:::

“Trinity” head and “Nellis” skin courtesy of Laq Avatars

Body is “Lara” from Maitreya