Thought for the day

Sun is shining and the bees are singing.

Well, they don’t really sing but if you listen to that buzz long enough, you would turn it into a song.

I do have bees though . I have a few bees on the balcony and have to now go and figure out the most full proof human way of asking them to move a  little, so that I can go and sit out there and expose this body to some rays of sunshine. In turn they can do their pollination thing and we can live in harmony.

If they don’t move? Then I guess I live with it and take the risk that they may decide they don’t fancy a nip of my flesh today. But either way, I’m out there today.

Enjoy the video. I’m  dancing to the rhythm of MOVE! Animations Cologne, Elena and Jay dances.

Music track is “Trance Awareness” by IsaB (that’s me)









Clothes Credits:-


Top “Manuela”  Alien Gizmo’s

Skirt “Marian” Alien Gizmo’s

Body “Lara” Maitreya

“Trinity” head and “Nellie” skin Laq Avatars

Shoes are “Rome Lace up” Reign


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