The melody of life

The melody of life

I'm on the bus headed to work. Funnily I see sun peeking out which I really didn't expect. After the weather report yesterday I went home and battened down the hatches for the 60 mile per hour winds (nothing compared to Irma, nothing at all). Battening down the hatches is simply folding up the chairs [...]

Thinking on a Friday

Thinking on a Friday

Its been a mighty long day, and yet the day isn't quite yet over! I've had zero, zilch, nada sleep last night. Yes cats!!!! God help me I'm slowly going nuts. My cunning plan is when I'm going to put them up for auction on EBay. Quickest bidder wins! No not really, I adore them [...]

As I sit

In reality I'm right now sat on my daily bus trip into work. It's a totally gorgeous sunny day and I should be feeling chipper and full of the joys of spring. But I'm not. Last night I had my first in depth counselling session or talking therapy as it's called. It's been a long [...]

Eyes wide

When I got given this outfit, I was of course given the full fat pack to choose from to photograph. This particular one simply caught my eye and made me chuckle. When Kid said he had poses I fell in love with this one, because frankly this pose with that outfit. Well you can see [...]


Its cold outside. What can I say, I'm at home and its suddenly gone cold again. I guess it would help if the windows were shut! But I kinda of burnt toast a little while ago as I was doing this video and the fire alarms have been going off like the clappers. Only I [...]

Snowing in my mind

Sometimes you just want to play in the snow. I know right now I do as I love the snow. So I took myself to Telrunya Winter and shot this video wearing Alien Gizmo's latest surely figure hugging skirt and MOVE! Animations latest dance. Check it out!     Credits:- "Sue" skirt  available in fat [...]


It's in the ears....   Credits :- "Roxy" outfit in blue by Alien Gizmo's "Gwen" wedge shoes (hud controlled) Alien Gizmo's "Melania" cotton skin from 7 Deadly s{K}ins "Minato" hair  in baby blonde from Argrace "Steking" ears from [MANDALA] "Rose" tattoo from Tattoo Mania "Ice Queen" rings from .: RealEvil Industries :.

Chocolate and tears

I'm going to eat lots of chocolate!!!!! Just a quick vlog on the CATWA eyes . Clearly I'm loving them. The outfit is an Alien Gizmos and pics are below.       Photo Credits : - "Destiny" mesh head and "Eye Animations" from CATWA "Maddie"  honey skin from [theSkinnery] "Izumi" white hair from [...]

Yakkity yakk yak yak

Saying it is so easy....ok the truth is I love to talk.  Everyone who knows me will attest to that fact and they much prefer me speaking as at least maybe I make more sense. I've been working in various roles over the years that require accurate good typing skills. Which I fulfill with no [...]