Being a jobs worth

 In the UK there is this term called “jobs worth”. 

It applies to people who only do what they need to but would never consider giving a little extra, being helpful or simply at times obstructive.

That term I apply without hesitance to my bus driver this morning.

The bus driver was stood outside of bus dragging on his cigarette. I’m having back pain, so politely ask him can I go sit on bus as 3 mins till it goes. 

He tells me no, as it means his driving hours starts and he can’t have that!!! 

Part of me was annoyed and the other had to laugh at his statement because we all knew he simply wanted to finish his cigarette. His driving hours started the moment he started work at the depot and  turned the key in the ignition and drove the mile to get to my bus stop.

Jobs worth….





Credits :-

“Iris” denim dress by Alien Gizmo’s which comes as a fatpack of 6 colours

“Gwen” multi hud wedges Alien Gizmo’s

Hair is a free group gift from :::Phoenix:::

“Trinity” head and “Nellis” skin courtesy of Laq Avatars

Body is “Lara” from Maitreya

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