Finding seagulls and pelicans

 Actually I find a lot more than  seagulls on  my doorstep.

I came home last night to a gang of geese. Yes a gang! They were mean dudes, hissing and raising their feathers at me. I live on lakes which is beautiful in itself and every day you hear and see the ducks and geese.

But, every now and then (actually a lot) they leave the water and venture into the estate part, wandering through people’s gardens.

On the whole that’s pretty wonderful. Mind you, have you seen the size of their poop?

 Of course a video goes without saying as I tried out the  MOVE! free gift of the Elena dance. I’m so excited because I have been accepted as one of their bloggers. Now dance videos are my niche and that works out perfectly given all the rubbish I have been through with SL of late. I received my first box of Elena to showcase last night. But this is a snippet of the dance and of the Roxy outfit.



This video doesn’t exist

Location The Village & BarDeco

Song track “Sexy Dress” by IsaB ( that’s me) 


“Roxy” top and skirt courtesy of the fabulous Alien Gizmo’s available singularly or in a fat pack.

Hair is “Holly” by [Entwined] which is a free group gift

Head is “Trinity”  and Skin is “Nellie” 2.5 tone by Laq Avatars

Shoes are “Rome” lace up  Reign

Necklace is “Orbit” a free group gift from .: RealEvil Industries :.

Dance animation is “Elena” a free group gift from MOVE! ANIMATIONS COLOGNE

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